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About TerraLens Server

TerraLens Server is a highly optimized map tile server that can deliver vector and raster map tiles to thin or thick clients via the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) protocol.

While TerraLens Server was originally designed to support distributed TerraLens applications, it can be used as a highly performant tile server with any client software that supports WMTS tile formats.

TerraLens Server is an ideal solution for thin client applications that are intended for use with highly detailed map data.

WMTS server appliance

Proven Performance

TerraLens Server has been deployed in highly demanding command and control (C2) applications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications for military analysts. This product has been proven in the field, and is well-documented. With TerraLens Server, you can be confident of getting your project up and running quickly with minimal risk.


  • Supports TCP and REST data requests
  • High-performance server kernel supports multiple, simultaneous sessions
  • Implements WMTS protocol

Comprehensive Documentation and Training

TerraLens Server is supported with comprehensive documentation and training resources, including:

  • Complete developer-oriented documentation set
  • Online application programmatic interface reference
  • Sample application demonstrating key components and functionality
  • Example model-view-controller (MVC) development framework
  • Viewer for previewing map products
  • Programming tutorials for implementation concepts
  • Instructor-led training course

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page:

How map tiles store high-resolution data

This illustration depicts how map tile servers can provide map data at multiple levels of detail, depending on the user view