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About TerraLens Creator

TerraLens Creator is an advanced map styling and packaging toolkit which allows users to identify a geographical area or operational theatre, and quickly assemble all of the map data and assets required to display appropriately populated maps of the area at the desired level of detail.

In addition to assembling map data, TerraLens creator allows operators to fully customize the presentation and styling of the maps, and to add additional mark-up and symbology.

You can also use TerraLens Creator to add metadata to map data, and link images, documents and videos to map entities. TerraLens Creator allows you to assemble these assets as part of your application package.

Once you are satisfied with the operational map data you have assembled and customized, TerraLens Creator makes it easy to deploy a playlist-style application package, or “mission pack” of maps for use on mobile devices, or for consumption via a map tile server like TerraLens Server.

A U.S. Army soldier interacts with the JBC-P platform

A U.S. Army soldier interacts with the Joint Battle Command Platform (JBC-P). TerraLens creator makes it easy to package map sets for mission briefing and other purposes.

Easily Find and Manage Assets

The TerraLens Creator Asset Library makes it easy to find and manage map assets. The application includes integrated tools to search and catalogue assets locally and remotely. When working with vector maps with multiple layers, map features are automatically listed and displayed. TerraLens Creator also includes a preview window that previews map assets – making it easy to evaluate assets at a glance. All metadata related to map assets are catalogued and stored in the TerraLens Creator Library Database for future retrieval.

Proven Performance

TerraLens Server has been deployed in highly demanding command and control (C2) applications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications for military analysts. This product has been proven in the field, and is well-documented. With TerraLens Server, you can be confident of getting your project up and running quickly with minimal risk.

Harmonize Map Display with Presentation Rules

Screenshot taken of TerraLens Creator application

Screenshot of the TerraLens Creator interface. Click to view full-size

TerraLens Creator leverages a system of presentation rules to help harmonize map presentation across an organization, or between applications and missions. Rules allow users to define visual attributes, range, areas of interest and other criteria; and can be grouped into collections linked to assets, asset groups, and configurations.

TerraLens Creator also lets you to define multiple “themes” or configurations for the same maps and assets, so the same assets can be visualized with “day” and “night” styles or with and without terrain elements.

The Rules interface gives operators control over the presentation of virtually every stylesheet-accessible display attribute for maps and map assets, in an easy-to-use visual interface.

The TerraLens Creator Rules system also allows operators to share, import, and export rules – making it easy to implement uniform standards for map display.


Accelerate Application Development

In addition to making it easy to deploy operational maps and assets, TerraLens Creator can help accelerate application development. Having the ability to style maps using a simple UI-driven tool saves time and resources, while less code is required to load the resulting maps into your application, and your maps are managed in one central location.

TerraLens Creator allows you to easily extract maps from Native to TerraLens formats, making it easy to optimize storage requirements and rendering performance with the TerraLens engine. TerraLens Creator also allows you to easily reuse and transfer styles between maps, and to preview the styling and presentation of maps without writing an application beforehand.

Technical Specifications:

For a complete list of technical specifications, see the TerraLens product specifications page: