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Our technology offerings include a range of Software Development Kits, frameworks and foundations, and fully-realized applications: all powered by the TerraLens® geospatial platform.


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The TerraLens Geospatial Visualization Platform

TerraLens is a high performance, real-time geospatial software development tool kit (SDK). TerraLens provides a rich feature set for mapping, spatial awareness, ISR, Air Traffic, and Command and Control (C2) applications, and has been fielded in some of the most demanding, mission-critical systems and platforms in the world.


The TerraLens Product Family

TerraLens Core logo

TerraLens Core

Easily add geospatial capabilities to your software with this powerful library and SDK

TerraLens Server logo

TerraLens Server

Serve a wide array of map tile formats to thin or thick client applications

TerraLens Mobile logo

TerraLens Mobile

Easily add mapping and spatial awareness capabilities to your Android applications with this library and SDK

TerraLens Creator logo

TerraLens Creator

Automate the assembly of map sets, style your maps, and add symbology and other assets quickly with this feature-rich application



Frameworks and Foundations

TerraLens Web logo

TerraLens Web

Quickly add geospatial and data visualization capabilities to browser-based applications with this powerful, flexible open-standards foundation

TerraLens UI logo

TerraLens UI

Accelerate your application development with an application framework and foundation that includes sophisticated multi-touch features



Reduce Implementation Risk and Cost

Reduce development cost and implementation risk with a platform that has been proven in hundreds of vital systems and applications, with industry-leading support for a broad range of platforms, operating systems, and development environments. TerraLens is free from ITAR restrictions, so you can quickly and easily produce export-compliant applications.

Provide Support for Low-Power Platforms

The TerraLens rendering kernel has been optimized level to deliver consistently high performance – even on low-end hardware. No other platform can support the same range of features and functionality on low-power ARM chipsets, tablets, or mobile platforms.

Deliver Beautiful, Cutting-Edge Applications Quickly

With the TerraLens UI foundation toolkit, you can quickly and easily deliver full-feature applications that not only perform great, but look great, with flexible drag-and-drop viewports, and full-feature multi-touch support.

Provide the Performance Your Application Demands

TerraLens is trusted in some of the world’s most vital defense, air traffic, and search and rescue systems because it reliably delivers the performance these applications demand. With TerraLens, you can be confident of meeting your platform requirements.


  • Precision terrain mapping to within 2.5cm/pixel
  • High-performance plotting of up to 100 000 simultaneous tracks
  • Support for ARM and other low-power architecture
  • Unlimited 2D and 3D viewports
  • Cutting-edge HMI / UI framework with multi-touch support
  • Can update multiple display layers at different rates
  • Supports over 20 spheroid and over 30 map projections
  • Supports most map data formats and multiple coordinate systems
  • High-performance 3D terrain engine
  • Consistent 30+ FPS frame rate, even with complex displays
  • Support for custom symbology, ships with MIL-STD-2525B/C