Airborne Surveillance Systems

Mapping, Tracking, and Display for Airborne Surveillance

A NATO AWACS crew conducts an aerial ISR mission

Aircrew on a NATO AWACS Boeing E3 aircraft conduct an airborne ISR mission.

Kongsberg Geospatial has built mission visualization and real-time sensor tracking and analysis technology for a variety of airborne ISR and surveillance programs. These include mission visualization capabilities for programs like NATO AWACS, the Australian Wedgetail, and the Turkish Peace Eagle program.

Kongsberg Geospatial has domain experience in airborne ISR, and has specialized in engineering real-time systems and sensor integration for mission visualization displays. Our TerraLens geospatial platform provides the visualization and sensor tracking technology in airborne surveillance systems all over the world because of its demonstrated capacity to to manage over ten thousand data tracks simultaneously while maintaining performance and ease of use.


Kongsberg Geospatial is currently developing a new generation or Airborn Mission Management and Visualization tools which leverage new functionality provided by TerraLens UI to condense the input from multiple screens into a single, elegant vertical display that provides endlessly flexible ways to display complex mission and surveillance data in a beautiful, uncluttered space.

Because our TerraLens-based components have no ITAR restrictions, our customers can easily and quickly produce export-compliant Mission Visualization solutions, while maintaining the performance and flexibility their customers demand.

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