Air and Missile Defense Systems

Real-Time Systems for Air and Missile Defense

A missile is fired from a NASAMS surface to air launcher

A missile is fired from a NASAMS surface to air launcher as part of a live fire test. Kongsberg Geospatial created the visualization systems for the Fire Distribution Center.

Kongsberg Geospatial has a deep domain of expertise in creating high-precision, real-time visualization and combat management systems for air and missile defense platforms and Fire Distribution Centers (FDC). Air and missile defense systems are the apotheosis of real-time applications, and require the highest degree of precision, performance, and responsiveness.

We specialize in maintaining performance and responsiveness regardless of the complexity and number of contacts and tracks on screen, the available hardware, and operational requirements, and that's why our technology is trusted in air defense platforms in countries all over the world.


Kongsberg Geospatial has provided sensor integration, tracking, visualization, and HMI components for a wide range of air defense programs, including THAAD, NASAMS, NCR IADS, HAT ll and a variety of RADAR systems. Our technology is deployed in air and missile defense systems in over 20 countries world-wide.

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