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About ISR Viewer

ISR Viewer is a flexible, thin-client platform built on the TerraLens Web framework. The ISR Viewer platform couples with a broad range of data sources to allow analysts to quickly and easily visualize complex big data sources in both a geospatial and a temporal context. The platform includes a variety of analytical tools, including heat-mapping and a virtual DVR for data animation over time.

With the ISR Viewer platform, both military and civilian analysts can more easily make sense of complex data sets - even data originating from unstructured and open-source feeds like social media channels.

The ISR viewer can consume map tiles from TerraLens Server, or from a variety of other standards-based map tile servers, and since it’s a thin client application, it can be deployed on a variety of form factors, including tablets and mobile devices.

A military Analyst works with the ISR Viewer application

A military Analyst is shown working with the ISR Viewer application.

With ISR Viewer, analysts can view layers of open source or classified data in a common operating picture. The platform includes a common network connector API which allows any data source to be retrieved and displayed with temporal and spatial metadata in a map.

The DVR-style data animation playback capability allows analysts to animate massive data sets to see the progression of intelligence reports and incidents as they progress in time and space. The platform has been successfully deployed with a variety of data platforms, including the Kongsberg AGS System Master Archival/Retrieval Facility (SMARF).

Visualize Big Data Sets in a Geospatial and Temporal Context

In addition to providing core mapping capabilities for thin client applications, TerraLens Web provides a web-based intelligence data visualization toolkit that allows operators to gather varied open and classified data in a searchable framework. With TerraLens Web, analysts can display and visualize multiple types of data feeds, including:

  • HUMINT - Files, video, Document, Biometric
  • SIGINT – Tracks, bearing, RF strength, frequency
  • OSINT – html files, images, email, social media feeds
  • Full Motion Video
  • Commercial Maritime AIS or aviation ADSB

The integrated data animation and heat-mapping features can help analysts understand how situations on the ground evolve, and to help identify patterns that might otherwise be lost in the noise of big data sets. This correlation of geographic and temporal data presents a tremendously powerful new paradigm for big data analysis.

This brief video gives an overview of the ISR Viewer application


ISR Viewer screenshot showing the data animation feature

ISR Viewer screenshot showing the data DVR feature animating observations from an ISR mission.


  • Intuitive web based UI with multi-touch support
  • Open layers geospatial web engine
  • Open standards based (non proprietary)
  • Responsive UI supports many viewport sizes
  • Heavy processing on host server
  • Lightweight client

Modular Design Facilitates Feature Integration

The ISR Viewer application features a modular design to help facilitate the addition of new features and functionality. The application can easily modified to provide new features and functionality as dictated by your project requirements, or even integrated into an existing browser-based application.

Product Literature:

For more product information, see the ISR Viewer product brochure:

ISR Viewer Product Brochure